See for yourself what our customers say about Focus Escrow!

Maggie Mouscardy

ZipReality, Inc

I would HIGHLY recommend Focus Escrow. Best Team around! Tracy is the THE BEST ESCROW officer in Southern California. She closed an escrow for me from beginning to end in 4 DAYS! I believe you will always have a great, over and above experience with Focus. Always cross the finish line!

Phone is: (562) 696-0793.

Amy Brick, Broker

Brick & Company Real Estate

I have been in Real Estate for almost 7 years now, I still was under the impression the Escrow agents are generally rude and a bit bossy. And to be honest, that is how 90% of Escrow agents that I have ever dealt with has been. Tracy is so very different. She showed me that you can know exactly what you’re talking about and still be gracious and kind. From the start, I knew that Tracy was exactly the Escrow agent I needed on my team! All of the agents have also been very pleased with Tracy and have started using her as well! I feel like I’ve been walking around for my entire career with a piece missing…Tracy is that piece.

Robert Haendiges

Attorney at Law

I just wanted to thank you for your help and professionalism in helping to complete the escrow on the Stats Building.

Danny Telles, Broker

Telles Realty

I pray that God bless you Tracy! You are and always will be the best escrow agent in your field. You are a pleasure to work with.

Amber Benton

Bank of America

Thank you for being so quick all the time—you rock!

Tiffany Bluestone

TNG Mortgage

Tracy, you have been awesome. A TRUE pleasure working with you!

Autumn Gutierrez

Brick & Company Real Estate

You guys are the best escrow agents, hands Down! In case I haven’t told you guys lately…

THANK YOU for all that you do and the amazing job you do at everything!! You guys make my job easier!!

Big huge hugs!